Too Early on a Saturday

Oh my I am awake way too early on this cold Saturday. I guess that means this wont be my only cup of coffee today

20121110-061913.jpg I am excited about today. Christmas in the Village, dinner at a friends and maybe getting lights on the house (we are having nice weather). So much fun stuff and it puts me one day closer to our Thanksgiving trip! I can’t wait! I’m so excited to see my Nanny, aunt, cousins, dad, and maybe my sister and niece.

My husband and I started going there about 8 yrs ago and now with our little one its even more special that he get the chance to visit. Our whole tradition includes trip there, Thanksgiving dinner, girls Black Friday shopping and stop in Santa Claus IN on way home. This year I’m a little upset about the shopping.

When I went Black Friday shopping for the first time 6yrs ago the stores started sales at 5 am Friday and now those same stores are starting at 8pm Thanksgiving Day!!! It’s called Black Friday! Not let’s make everyone even more completely crazy day. My family live in the boonies, we have to drive 1 1/2hrs for the pleasure of a Walmart, Target, Kohl’s and a mall. I’ve never had an item I had to have but I enjoy watching the fanatic shoppers and torturing my family members by making them wake at ridiculous hours and shop for 13 hrs straight. The last few years that’s changed. It’s not really torturous to tell my aunt it’s time to go when it’s only 8pm (last year) and now this year they want us to leave at 6pm (thank goodness I’m usually stuffed by then and need a distraction from that 5th dessert) to be there by 8pm sales?!?! RIDICULOUS!!!!

I only see that part of my family maybe twice a year. And while I love the shopping, it’s usually while the sane ones are sleeping. This whole experience has become a bonding time for us girls. It gives us time to just be with each other, no kids, no distractions. Just us, a car and the radio for 1 1/2hrs. So the big question is when are we shopping? I guess it’ll just depend on how crazy my aunt and I really are….

And so now that I’ve got that off my chest. I can focus on yesterday and why I didn’t get to post. So maybe I’ll do 2 today to get back on track. Yesterday kind of got away from me. I worked on some bows and leg warmers, had lunch and then it was off to the kid’s school for pick and set up for PTC’s Ladies Night. Then after helping there for a few and running to store for a few supplies, I had enough time to eat dinner, get ready and head back to Ladies Night to shop and take my turn working. It was a GREAT night! We had fun, the vendors had fun and we raised a nice amount of money for the kids.

Here are a few of my latest items. Bows for a friend, leg warmers, and I added to my snowman by giving him a family





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  1. gentlestitches
    Nov 10, 2012 @ 07:24:03

    Funny post and loved the decorations. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award.
    Come over to gentlestitches and check it out!


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