Almost Weekend

It’s one day closer to the weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!!! I love this time of year. Christmas may be my favorite holiday and Thanksgiving is a close 2nd. This weekend is packed full of Christmas fun for me. I know it’s a bit early but I’m super excited. Our Festival of Lights gets its switch flipped tonight and Saturday is Christmas in the Village in a neighboring town! It’s just the start for me. Next comes Christmas parades and Thanksgiving trip to my Nanny’s and our annual trip to Santa Claus, IN. I’m sure over the next few weeks I’ll talk more and more about all the above, but for now I’ll focus more on last night.

Good night it was! Friends stopped over so I could give E her new bow and L could play with kid. Then it was dinner time. Last night I made couscous and chicken with veggies.

It didn’t turn out half bad if I say so myself. Some grilled chicken, zucchini, red, yellow, and orange peppers, a little garlic and onion (or a lot) and salt, pepper cumin and turmeric. The hubby wasn’t too sure about the couscous, he said it was a different texture but we’ll definitely have to give it another try.

And during all the cleaning and visit and cooking and bedtime, I managed a little craft time. Things from yesterday include a keychain for my sister, holiday bows and a few other little pretties.




And since I’m having a horrible time getting this entry to cooperate I’m gonna say have a lovely evening and I’ll try again tomorrow.

The Day After

Happy Wednesday!

Well it’s the day after and whether your candidates won or lost we all have something to be happy about! No more campaign ads polluting our airwaves and minds. I couldn’t take another moment of the bashfest. However, now that’s its over and it’s November, it means that it’s time to put 5 trillion toy ads on tv so my son can continuously tell me what Santa should bring him.

Last night we went to dinner and a movie. So no new super yummy recipe today unless you want to head to Olive Garden or look for their recipe on line. First stop was to see Wreck-It Ralph and then to Olive Garden. Both were great. I think Ralph is so fun and Vanellope Von Schweetz is super adorable! Great family fun movie. And the dinner wasn’t to bad either. Olive Garden has new menu items and they aren good. I had Lasagna Primavera with Grilled Chicken (their light menu) and my hubby tried the Shrimp Vesuvius. It definitely lived up to its name. I tried a bite and it is SPICY! Over all we had a great family fun night.

So after movie and and 3 glasses of wine with dinner, I was very sleepy when we got home. That means I didn’t really finish anything I had been working on. Just a keychain and stitching on a hair bow holder


20121107-125718.jpg Maybe tomorrow I’ll have finished items but so far not looking like I will. Busy morning of cleaning and grocery shopping.

Have a great afternoon!

Happy Election Day

Happy Tuesday! No I’m not going to talk about Election Day other then to say THANK GOODNESS the commercials are going to be gone and that I’m enjoying a day with the kid. Last night was a busy night, Parent/teacher meeting and PTC. Busy night equals easy dinner night. So chili it was. Super quick and easy! I called it Fall Chili. Only because the colors reminded me of the leaves outside.

20121106-135115.jpg It was yummy!

And since I just had to throw everything in the crockpot I had some time to get crafty. I decided to make bows for my friends little girls. And yes their daughter’s names all start with an E.

Also got in a few cute little clips and a silver Christmas bow


So far today I’ve made a little monster for my little monster and started on a hair bow holder. I’ll post pics of that tomorrow. Right now I’m taking a break and getting ready to take the kid out for dinner and a movie. Wreck-It Ralph and Olive Garden here we come! Hope y’all have a great day!

Monday, Monday

Yesterday was definitely Sunday Funday! crafting, fave dinner and my besties little boys team won their championship game!!! but Oh my did that time change messed with my head! It was dark by 5:30 and I thought it was bedtime. I was so tired by 10 I crashed. I did finish a few Christmas items and had a great dinner before sleepiness overwhelmed.

Last night I got lucky and my loving husband made one of my favorite meals. He had went thru this Food Network phase a few years ago and while watching a show about BBQ or picnic saw BBQ Chicken Quesadilla and Potato Salad. The first time he made them there was a long complicated recipe. But now we make them as simple as possible.
BBQ Chicken Quesadilla
1) Boil and shred chicken mix with your fave BBQ sauce
2) Slice onion
3) Rub EVOO on tortillas
Preheat oven 350, place BBQ chicken on tortilla, add as much onion and shredded cheese as you like, place tortilla on top and bake until cheese melted and tortilla is crispy.
Potato Salad
1) Boil potatoes
2) Mix in mayo, Dijon, mustard, dill
No we don’t measure this step is done to taste.

I love it! And it’s even better because cooking and clean up is all done by him!
While watching football I was also busy making some festive hair bows.
The Christmas Bows and pins I made yesterday, in my opinion, were too cute.

I have so much fun making these! Crafting is so relaxing to me. My favorite from last night was a tie. I just can’t decide which I like most.


Have a great day everyone!

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday morning!

It’s time to “fall back”! I’m not sure i like this whole time change thing. It always takes me a week or so to become accustom to the change. However it was nice to see light outside at 7. Hopefully that makes waking the kid up for school easier!

It’s Sunday and that means a football and crafting filled day! Today we’re starting out with breakfast at Bob Evans and then we are going to watch Kaden’s last football game. Then it’s home craft and watch more football! Here’s hoping my fantasy teams win this week. Let’s go guys!!!

I’m going to be working on some Christmas items while I’m cheering on my teams. I finished a few brooches, a bow and some little felt ornaments. So I can’t wait to see what I accomplish today. Most likely I will have more to say before bed and I’ll definitely have pictures!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!

Saturday Night’s Alright, Alright, Alright

Tonight was pretty good! I got a few more crafts finished and we had meatloaf, black-eyed peas and mashed taters. YUMMY!!!

Let me start with the first with the food.  It was so good.  I like to cook but have to admit that I don’t do it as often as I should.  And since today was one of those days where comfort foods sound like the best way to end the day I made meatloaf.  This time I tried something different.  While we were at one of our local Octoberfest we picked up a few of those packets for making dips.  At one of the vendors the gentleman working the booth (who was super friendly) told us about a few being a good addition to meatloaf.  My husband immediately perked up.  He not only loves dips he loves meatloaf.  Who am I kidding the man just loves food! So far we’ve had the Cinnabun (delish) and tonight I tried the jalapeno Bacon in the meatloaf.  It was great! It was spicy but it was really good and would also be a great burger.  And who may you ask is the brain behind these great dips? Well I’ll tell you Little Dippers Dip Mixes .  Yes if you click on their name you will see their site!  There are a few other WV vendors that I like and I’m sure the next time I have a taste of their wares they’ll get a shout out too!

Now on to the way I spent the rest of my afternoon and evening while I wasn’t eating. I was crrafting.  I know last night I was in love with a snowman but tonight my heart was stolen by a peacock!  I was playing around with bird pins, bows, and keychains earlier and then my son brought over a book and there was a peacock.  I thought “Hey! I can make a peacock! Why not?”.  And that’s just what I did.

Paulbert the Peacock

He was the most fun item I made today.  I accoplished making a few other items also but he is what I love most.  Don’t get me wrong I really like the brooches I finished and may keep few for myself.  I’m particularly fond of red/green felt circle with Christmas button brooch, a heart keychain,  2 tone grey/black broock and a bejeweled Christmas tree.  All of which may go into my personal collection.

My othe faves!

Along with the Christms tree and brooch I also completed another Christmas brooch and a Christmas bow.  All which were inspired while I put up Christmas decorations in the kitchen.  Yes that now means that 3 rooms completed.  Not much longer and I will have the inside of the house completed.  Hopefully we have a few days of nice weather and the husband will be able to get on the roof to hang the icicle lights (the only decorations I don’t try to do myself).

Hope everyone has a great night sleep and an awesome Sunday.  Tomorrow we get to go cheer on a great friends little boy in his Super Bowl game of pee wee football!  Go Team!!! 

Another Saturday…

It’s another Saturday. Today’s goals: clean up, hang out at home, craft and decide how to turn a spare room into my craft room.
So far we’ve got the first three underway but deciding where and finding storage for craft room not so much. Breakfast and lunch cleaned up, sweepers ran, dishwasher unloaded and loaded and kid is cleaning room. A few cute little things crafted today

20121103-131246.jpg It’s cloudy and cold today so I’m thinking that I’ll get a few more little items finished today also.

Had to share

I love Christmas time! Everything about the season makes me happy. Sometimes the weather isn’t my favorite but I am so excited about other aspects that it doesn’t keep me mopey long. I love the music, the family time, traditions, food, friends and the decorations!  I absolutely love the decorating.  I decorate almost every room of my house and my whole yard.  Last year I won 3rd place in my town’s house contest and I’m shooting for 1st this year.  I can’t wait.  but while I do wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate the outside I don’t hold back on the inside.
I’m one of the crazies that starts inside decorating as soon as the Halloween decorations are down. And yes as of today November 2, 2012 I have 2 trees up and 2 rooms decorated. So it’s no surprise that I have also been thinking of Christmas crafts. I have made a few hair bows and decided to try my hand at felt snowmen and other Christmas items. Here is one of my snowmen.   I’m in love with this little guy:

20121102-161505.jpg. I originally thought I’d sell him in my etsy store but I think I may have to keep him for myself!

Day #2

Today is the second day of my blogging experience. It is also my second day as a shop owner on etsy and a store at spreeworks. I’m excited about all three of my new ventures. I have to say that I’m a little scared at the same time. I’ve never blogged or sold my items anywhere. I’m nervous about how people will view my work and if I’ll bore them with my endless chatter.

I thought I show a few of my favorite crafts today. I love these little felt birds. I can’t get enough of them and will probably make them for all the girls in my family and all my girlfriends for Christmas. Keychain, ornament, bow or brooch doesn’t matter I love them all. My sister has already requested a Keychain for herself and a hair bow for my niece. I can’t wait to try making them in more colors and adding different types of jewels, stitches and fabrics!

Hello world!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Crissy and this is my first blog. I’m a stay at home mom and recently started crafting, again. I first learned to sew, make bows, decorate shirts and other crafty things when I was younger. I would stay at my Nanny’s house and we would spend hours playing with ribbon, material, pattern and hot glue guns. I had a blast and so much fun creating and taking items to the fair or craft shows. I recently rediscovered that joy. I just opened an Etsy store InfiniteLoveCrafts and decided to give blogging a try. I love reading other blogs about crafts and cooking and seeing all that others have to share. So I thought I’d take a swing at it also. My goal is to share my creations or creation from others that I love.

Hope that you enjoy my future post!

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