While I was Away

Again I’ve not taken time to write. I always tell myself “Oh I’ll do it before bed or tomorrow first thing in the morning.” And here I am again a month gone by and no post. I need to get work on a weekly schedule. I did so well for a while but now it seems days fly by before I actually sit down and type. It’s not like I’m never on here either. I still check and read other blogs (although its usually a quick glimpse). I look over other post but never take the time to catch up on mine. My goal is to post once a week!

Since I’ve been gone I’ve been keeping busy. My mom came to visit for a week and we had our first baseball practice. I’ve tried new recipes and did some spring cleaning. We’ve been able to do yard work and start seeds. So at least my neglect has been for productive reasons. Haha!

My mom’s visit was great. She hasn’t been here for a few years and hadn’t seen the kid for almost a year. He was so excited Nana was staying with us! They got to have a night together and the man and I got a night out with friends. She was able to see his first baseball practice. It’s his first year of T-ball and dad is coaching. Over all it was a great visit. Sometimes it’s a little sad that he doesn’t get to have that special bond with her and see her often. But it makes these visits all the more special.

Now that the baseball season has started the weekends are going to be busy. All our games and practices are on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s so cute to watch the kids out on the field. They are so excited! I can’t wait to see them all dressed in their uniforms (which I hope to pick up tomorrow). I’m not entirely happy with the set up of the league but watching the kids have so much fun makes up for the rest.

With the warm weather sticking around we’ve been able to start cleaning up the yard and getting it ready for cook outs and a garden. I decided to start seed for the garden last week. I have a few that are already sprouting. I’m hoping they all do! This year I’m trying watermelon. The kid really wanted it so we’re giving it a shot. I hope it does well. Fingers crossed! It looks like my beans are sprouting and either my lettuce or spinach. I’m not really sure which. I took photos or my starters and on the 1st I had places a piece of paper so I knew which direction it faced, whoever, on my 2nd I didn’t.


20130508-231801.jpg My basil and rosemary are doing great. I’m so happy to have the fresh herbs in my kitchen window. It’s so nice to walk over and grab from them while cooking.

The first recipe I used them in was one I saw on Food Network. It was on Giada At Home. It’s Baked Potato with Sausage and Arugula Sauce It was so good. The recipe doesn’t call for basil but I love it so I added a little.

20130508-232501.jpg Another favorite or mine has been what I call Chicken Caprese.

20130508-232633.jpg again the fresh basil was awesome. I can wait to make this with tomatoes from my garden.
I also tried a dessert, it’s not pretty but it was yummy!


With all this nice weather and mom’s visit and baseball I’ve been struggling to go upstairs and craft. I’ve finished a few pairs of leg warmers today. And I got a pair of bloomers finished for my friends daughter E, but I’ve not made anything else. The bloomers are a little difficult, I need A LOT of work on my sewing technique. I just can’t master the leg openings. E needs a few more bloomers so I’m hoping that practice makes perfect.

And to add to all my fun, today I signed up to sale Paparazzi Jewelry. Not sure exactly how well I’ll do with parties or events, I get a little nervous around people i don’t know, but I love jewelry. I can’t wait to see what all is in my kit! Next week will be like Christmas.

Yay! Sun! Good-bye Winter!

I hoping that the last few days are a definite good bye to winter. It’s been so nice out the last few days and its making me hopeful.

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a lot of fun. Had another great Easter Egg Hunt, a happy Easter, the circus, the local ice cream shop reopened for the season and a trip to Scooby-Doo Live. The egg hunt was the day before Easter and it was a nice sunny day. The kids had a blast and got yummy treats and the adults had a great time hanging out.



The Easter Bunny was very nice.


A few weeks ago the kid started asking if it was time for the circus and a few days later we saw that it was indeed coming to town. It’s become an annual trip for us and friends. They love it! It is always so much fun to watch them stare with amazement and laugh and gasp at all the acts.



The ice cream shop opening for the season started the hopeful feeling that spring was here. It’s the cutest little shop and has many flavors of hand scooped Hershey’s ice cream. The kids favorite is Superman. I like to try a different one every trip. I can’t wait until baseball games start and we can take the team for a treat there after a game.


And lastly, this past weekend we surprised the kid with a trip to Scooby-Doo Live. It was super cute and so much fun. He had a blast. We made a whole day of the trip. Lunch at Red Robbin, Ice cream at Sweet Frog and then the show. I love sweet frog type frozen yogurt shops but the combinations my kid get is a little much for me. Haha

The show was fun, we had great seats and the kid was in awe




20130409-095501.jpg My Little Scooby!

Overall the last few weeks have been a blast! This warm sunny weather is just adding to the excitement of the next months. I can’t wait for summer break and all the fun to come with friends. Hope everyone is having an excellent week and gets to enjoy time with family and friends!

Another Snow Day?

Yes, the title is correct. We are indeed having another snow day. Boooo!!!


I think the groundhog and Mother Nature got their messages crossed. It’s Spring! Where’s the warmer weather and the spring showers and the sun? I wish the temperature would start staying closer to 50+. I want to wear flip flops and t-shirts without a coat.
This is the 2nd snow cancelation in the last few weeks where the ridges have gotten fun sled riding, snowman building, snowball fighting snow and I, well I barely have any. But because many children live on the hills and the busses have to drive the roads we are canceled. At least this time it looks like my backyard may still have enough of this quickly melting snow that the kid may get to play a little before its gone. And since they’ve already taken spring break (3/26-4/1) away and now we only get Friday and Monday off, I guess an extra day off this week isn’t horrible.

I wish that we were getting more days like last Saturday. It wasn’t super warm but close to 50 and sunny. A great day for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a fun time. New friends invited us up to their house for their annual hunt and the kids had a blast. There were roughly 13 children ages 1-5 and they loved it. Even the little ones had fun looking at all the candy filled eggs that littered the yard. And afterwards they munched on hotdogs, dirt cake cups and candy.



It was a very fun time!

I hadn’t really had time to try new craft projects the last few weeks mostly just worked on more of the same items. It’s been a little busy but I’m hoping to try some new things the next few weeks. Hopefully, I can get a few things finished before my mom comes for a visit. That will keep me busy for a while and maybe I’ll have a few things she can take back to my niece! I can’t wait!

Hope everyone has a great week!

It’s been a while

Wow! I just realized its been almost a month since I last posted!
I’ve been a little busy I guess. During the last few weeks I’ve seen friends, crafted and went on vacation.

Oh how that vacation made me realize how ready I am for summer. I can’t wait for the sun to shine and the weather be above 60. I’m tired of these dreary cold and snowy days. We recently were able to take a trip to Aruba. It was my first trip out of the country and I loved it there. The sun, surf, and warmth were incredible. It was 85 everyday with a 15mph breeze. href=”https://infinitelovecrafts.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/20130312-105457.jpg”>20130312-105457.jpg
Mornings were so relaxing. Up and to the beach for coffee, reading and a beautiful view.

And the rest of the day relaxing with new friends and lovely dinners. We shopped, ate and took a Jeep tour of the island to see more wonderful views. I wish I had more pictures to share but most are still on my cam

One of my favorite dinners was at a restaurant called Marandi. There were 16 in our party and we had a huge table on the deck over looking the ocean and a fabulous view of the sunset. It was wonderful.

But what a rude awakening it was upon our return to the north. Haha. We left sunny skies and returned to gloom


But getting home was great. I missed the kid and it was nice to hug him. So much so that I kept him home from school the next day for mommy time.

Since being home I’ve tried to get back into the crafting groove. I’ve tried my hand at more tutus and flowers. I like trying new things and was excited when I figured out how to make a flower. I’m still working on not burning the edges to much but I’ve been happy with my results so far





A little more practice and I think I’ll get it.

I have also decided to take piano lessons. Every Tuesday I will be learning away. I’m pretty excited but very nervous. I haven’t played an instrument in almost 20 yrs. And that was the trumpet in 7th grade. Wish me luck!

Hope everyone has a great week!

What a week!

It’s been a crazy week!

Last weekend was fun. We had a dinner with friends, basketball, went to a new bar, watched a movie multiple times and prepared for the week.

Dinner was great! There’s a large group of us with kids who have been trying to get together once a month. We call it our “Adults Only No Highchairs Fun Friends Dinner”. All of our kids are under 5 and foursome it’s been the first “date night” with adults. They are great. We all still spend the 3 hrs talking about the kids but it gives us time to do just that. Compare stories and help new parents and let us all see we are dealing with the same stuff. There’s always new friends at each dinner and sometimes old ones can’t come but still a great time. Most are teachers so not only do they work with their own kids daily but also a school full weekly. And I know they greatly appreciate the down time. We then had a wonderful Saturday morning basketball game. Kid is new to basketball but seems to like it. Neither of us ever played in school or really watch at home so it’s a new experience for us too. It’s been fun. I love watching the kids try to learn the rules. Dribbling is a hard concept. They all just want to get it to the hoop. It’s so cute. Later that night my husband got a call from a friend to go out. I thought he was gonna go but then was informed that the MIL was gonna watch the kid for a bit and I was invited. I was pleasantly surprised. They had more beer then any bar around our area. Most stick to the basics and the bartender was super nice and knew a lot about each bottle. It was a great lesson in beer. And by Sunday we were ready for family down time. We watched Hotel Transylvania 1000 times and just vegged. He loves that movie so it was the perfect Valentines gift. What we weren’t expecting was the high temp Monday night and the trip to Med Express Tues morning. Luckily we caught the beginnings of a double ear infection and strep throat early and after a few days of meds the little one was able to make it to school for Valentines festivities. Which brings us to today. It was so cute. PTC had a carnation sale and when the kids got their flowers they were so excited! I love being able to be at the school to help with these activities.

Over the next few days we will be enjoying a 4 day weekend from school, a family fun day, and the mister and I will be preparing for our first out of country trip and first week long stay at grandmas. Wish me luck. I’m not sure if I’m more nervous or excited. I’ve never left my baby, or big boy as he says, with this amount of distance between us.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Another Snow Day

I think this may be the first post that I actually really complain. I’m tired of snow days! Not because my son is at home with me but because its now taking away from fun family time.

We are allotted so many snow days a school year. After we exceed those days, spring break days are used or days are added to end of year. When I was a kid I loved them. But I never really had a “spring break” we just stayed at home and played in neighborhood. And end of year add ons I did really notice cause I was still with my friends. But now having a son I realize what I may have been missing out on.

We don’t have a bid trip planned for spring break. As of now its a short trip to my family’s home in Texas, which to us is a break from cold. But I don’t want to have to pull him out of school to do this. Especially when the days were allotted. Now at this point you may be saying but it snowed. No it started snowing at 11am and didn’t stick and get bad until 4-5pm. If there was an early dismissal today (which we have for bad weather) kids would have been off busses. This is the second time we’ve canceled when a dismissal would have worked. Roads aren’t great at this moment and it is snowing again but my husbands truck which has been parked for 4 hrs now doesn’t even have a dusting. And we are yet again canceled tomorrow. I hate that they are using these days when we could be in school and kids could possibly have scheduled time with their families with out penalty of missing class. Within 45min. I got a 2hr delay call and a closing call. It had not been snowing for an hour at this point.

My son’s school is having a Valentine Box contest. For those of you that don’t do this, it’s a box decorated for class valentines.



I wrapped it but he thought long and hard about which stickers and where to place them. They were due today. There is a contest and now every kid that worked so hard will have less time to admire each others work. If it had been horrible out I wouldn’t mind but I feel these are just wasted days.

I think if this as a place to share my free time work, my hobby, my joy of crafting and food and fun. I’m sorry for complaining but it’s been irritating me all day. Hope that everyone has had a good weekend. Hope if you followed football you were happy with Sundays results. :(. And that the rest of the week is completely wonderful.

Beautiful Day

It’s so nice out today! I wish it wasn’t just today but a sign that it was Spring.

So after last week having 2hr delays and a cancelation for school it is super nice today. Normally I love snow. I love it even more when it falls on Christmas. But I’m OVER all this winter weather. Last week we had wind chills of -15 and snow and ice. Yesterday a Daley because of freezing rain and today it’s 50+. Tomorrow 60’s and thunderstorms. But then the bubble burst on Thursday. Back to 28 and snow showers. Why tease us with today? Why can’t we just move on to the nice warm temps of Spring? I’ll even take the rain if it’ll just stay above 50. And why are the weekend the only days it snows? At least we have basketball inside on Saturdays to get us out of the house. But last weeks storm kept me from having a purse party with my adult friends. We all needed a nice girls night after having been busy and stuck in due to gross weather. I did however still get to have a great Saturday night. We went over to a friends parents house and played board games with them while the kids played and watched movies. So over all I guess I can’t really complain about the weekend too much.

Also while being sequestered to the confines of home I’ve tried a few new sewing and craft projects. My friend M’s little girl is going to a Princess Tea Party. M found a pic of a dress she loved, so I tried to create a version of the pretty feathery confection.


Not perfect but it made her very happy when she got to try it on. I also tried some more tutus and I wish I had more little girl to make them for.





I have a few more projects on my board and can’t wait to try more sewing!

Hope the rest of y’all’s week goes happily!

Weekend is here again!

It’s the weekend!

This should be an exciting weekend. Kid starts basketball at the YMCA tomorrow, date night with the hubby and baby shower Sunday! All kinda of fun. I’m excited about the basketball. I’ve never really been a fan of watching it ,I’m more football, but he’s finally old enought on start playing sports. We’ve played spring and fall soccer last year but this year we get to try basketball and baseball. It’s all his choice on which we play but I love seeing out there with the other kids having fun. He chose to try baseball this spring over soccer but he can do that in the fall also if he wants. But so far he seems to like trying the different sports. And then after the basketball game the hubby and I get a date night. We don’t have set plans yet but I’m sure we can find something to do kid free.

This week has been crazy. Are furnace went kaput so we are in the process of getting a new one. Hopefully before the really cold weather next week. My car battery died on me yesterday so that was just the icing on the cake. Haha. But it has motivated me to take my frustrations out on my crafts. This week I finished another ton of leg warmers, quite a few bows and felt pins. Which was fun since I dove into the buttons I gathered from my Nanny’s over Thanksgiving.



Another result of my frustrations has been cooking. I made yummy spaghetti squash with onion, garlic and a little nutmeg. It was great. And last night I chopped up grilled chicken breast and added bits of fresh mozzarella chunks to melt, fresh basil, tomatoes, and drizzled with garlic infused red wine vinegar and evoo. It was a great dinner!

Hopefully this weekend makes up for the week! Hope y’all have a great fun weekend!

Christmas is over

Hope everyone had a great weekend and first half of the week!

Now that the holidays are over, I’m expected to take down all my Christmas decorations. I really wish I could just leave them up all year but the hubby thinks they need packed away. I hate taking them down. I love putting them out but dread the clean up. First, I love to have them up, I think it makes everything so pretty with the twinkling lights and snowmen and glitter and other shiny objects. Second, there are just so many of them. I have managed to convince him to let me keep one tree up year round which I decorate for all holidays. I guess I just got to take it one tree at a time until all decorations start making a year round appearance. Hahaha

A good thing about the holidays being over is that I have time to craft again! I’ve spent the last few days setting up my craft room and finishing a few projects. The room is still a work in progress but hopefully not much longer and ill have is almost the way I want it. The few projects I’ve accomplished are about 2 dozen leg warmers 2 pillow case dresses and my first tutu.



And 2 felt pins.


The last I sent to my Nanny. She loves all the crafty stuff too, so I thought it would be a fun little I Love You gift.
Tomorrow I’m busy with the PTC but I hope to get to make more items the next few days.

Hope the rest of the week goes well for all!


What a great way to start a new year! I am happy to accept The Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks gentlestitches for the nomination!


Here are the rules for accepting this award:

1. Display the award certificate on your website.
2. Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever presented your award.
3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers. Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off.
4. Post 7 facts about yourself.

I have very proudly displayed the award! Announced my win and linked to the very nice lady who kindly nominated me. And now on to the last two steps. First, 7 facts about myself:

1) I have really enjoyed my venture into blogging.

2) I love to read historical romance novels.

3) I would love to learn to play the violin and piano.

4) I rarely wear matching socks because I hate putting socks together and after matching my husband and kids I don’t want to bother with my own.

5) I could spend hours in craft stores just looking and planning projects I would like to make.

6) Coffee and Mt. Dew are my favorite beverages.

7) I would love to visit another country.

Now for my nominees.

making my home happy
Pillows A-LA-Mode
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Hope everyone had a great beginning to a new year!

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