Great Weekend

What a great weekend! Got some errands ran on Saturday and finished working on house. Sunday was filled with family fun. It was great!

Finished up some Christmas leg warmers.



And finished some more of the no sew blankets for the kids Christmas presents. Relaxed a little and had a lot of fun. Sunday we had waffles for breakfast, courtesy of my $8 Black Friday find. And then celebrated A’s 4th Birthday at the Children’s Museum. It was a rocking good time! She had a Rock Star party theme. She loves music and singing and dancing. It was so cute to watch the kids play with the karaoke machine. Her mom made microphone ice cream cone cupcakes and they were adorable.


Pictures the best I have hope you can see how cute they were.

After the party we got pizza from our a absolute favorite pizza place, Dicarlos, and then once again visited the Festival of Lights. I could drive through them 100 times a year and never tire of seeing them. And then it was home to snuggle in our bed with popcorn and watch Author Christmas. It was a cute movie and the kid loved the snuggle time. I figure I should take advantage of it now at 5, because the years seem to be going so fast that I may not have much longer.

Another busy week ahead and one more closer to the big mans arrival! Hope y’all have had a great Monday!

Wednesday Blues

Since I just realized this failed to post Wednesday night here it is now and I’ll post again later.

Oh the joys of decorating the yard. I really have the Wednesday blues. Not only am I sad that a few of my Christmas lights decided to stop working, my ankle, knee and shin are actually blue with a little black and purple. Thankful just some scrapes and bruises. Me-0, Stairs and Extension Cord-1. They win I’m not going for best 2 out of 3. Guess that’ll teach me to watch where I’m walking when steps and extension cords are involved. However, on a positive note, I’m happy with the way the inside is looking and one side of my yard is looking pretty fun!

Since returning from our trip the hubby has been away on business and I’ve been trying to catch up on the unpacking. But in between all that, I’ve managed to be a little crafty. My friend’s little girl is having a birthday party soon and asked me to make some bows for the goodie bags. So yesterday I spent my free moments making her these 10 purple, pink and black rockin’ bows

And today I got to craft and decorate for Christmas. I saw this snowman on Pinterest and could wait to try it out. I still need boots and arms but I think he’s looking pretty cute!

I was pretty excited about the hat. It was the first sewing project I’ve tried since being home.




Hopefully in a few days I’ll have everything put away and the house completely cleaned and pictures of a fully decorated house. But for now I’m gonna rest my poor knee and ankle and regroup for my attack on the house tomorrow.
Good night!

Sunny Sunday

Today was BEAUTIFUL! Sunny, warm perfect spring day. Oh wait, sorry it’s mid November. Where’s the nice brisk cold, maybe a few flurries? Dont get me wrong I loved that it was so pretty but I would prefer a nice sunny day and a little chill in the air.

The nice day did aid in helping get the house Christmas ready. Icicle lights are now on the roof, net lighting stapled to the fence and a few net lights are zip tied around the trees. The rest I can do by myself after we return home after Thanksgiving. I can’t wait. I love Christmas trees and lights! I could keep my house decorated year round. I do in fact have a tree in my entry that stays up all year (I decorates it thru out year). At this moment 11-11-12, I have 4 trees up and decorated. 2-3 more will be up and ready over the next week. I know I’m crazy, it’s ridiculous etc…etc. my friends remind me constantly.

Any who, after getting some of the house prep finished I worked on some projects. Today’s were leg warmers and matching bows. 20121111-203757.jpg

Hope y’all had a great weekend! Happy Veterans Day! Thanks all that served!

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